cycle 8

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If you'd like to apply, please e-mail the provided application to  Please do not change the application AT ALL. Copy and paste the application into your e-mail.  Good luck!  

  Name (please include lj username as well):
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Magazine:
Favorite Food:
Life Motto:
What do you think of the winners on the show?
What do you think of the community's previous winners?
Why do you think you're the next top model?

Each contestant will be required to post at least 6 CLEAR pictures of themselves.

-Two must be FULL body shots.
-One must be a salute with both your hands, face, lj name, and the name of THIS community visible.
-Two must be clear color face shots, and one must be a black and white clear face shot.

-Please only apply if you have daily access to a digital camera,
can be an active participant in the themes, and can handle constructive criticism.
K-ON!: Mio


Hey girls! 

Congratulations for making it this far! It's been a rough ride, but I'm so proud of all of you and I really can't wait to see how this all ends up! 

But now I need a favor of the three of you. 

I need each of you to post your 3 favorite shots from the entire cycle, in numerical order. (Melanie, I actually need about 7 from you since your older shoots dissappear. Your favorite from each shoot would do, since I have one for each for Tanya and Natt.) 

You'll see why after the winner is decided upon and announced! 

You can put them here or e-mail them to me at 

Good luck! <3

(EDIT: I have a few more pictures I need from everyone.

Tanya, I just need your favorite shot from the Silent Film theme. 

That should be it for now, I'll keep everyone updated on which shots I need.)