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Drumbroll, Please

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Congratulations, Tanya! You are the winner of Livejournal's Next Top Model Cycle 6. You have done consistently well, and all of the judges are extremely proud of the growth, dedication, and loyalty you've shown through out this competition.
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hahah, when the cut was loading i was talking to melmo going 'it's going to be tanya...'
congrats to tanya!
and natt, i still love your shoots. your such a pretty girl. ♥
I didn't know what to think at all. Natt was even better of a competitor than I could have imagined from anyone. Thank you guys so much!
Yay! Congratulations, Tanya! Every single one of your shoots has been AMAZING--you deserved it.

Natt, your shoots have been fantastic as well: you've improved so much from season 4, in my opinion. If you were up against pretty much anybody at all but Tanya, I am dead positive you would have won.
Congratulations to both Tanya and Natt!
congrats tanya!
curious but what happened to the other girl mel???

Tanya you've really earnt it, CONGRATZ! So proud.. Aw..


Natt, thanks soooooooo much as well. You really have progressed since cycle 5. :)
Congrats Tanya! :D

You've always been so upbeat and brought your best to every single shoot.. Your mixture of artistry and modeling has always been fun to judge and look at. You listened to our critiques every time we gave them, and most importantly, we could tell how much fun you were having!

Natt, you really brought it as well. XP If I had my way, there'd be no winner.. You're all just so good, you both deserve that top spot!

Girls, your prizes should be up here sometime within the week.. You'll have to wait to see what they are! ^_~
YAY! Congratulations Tanya! Told you. :-)
I'm not surprised, Tanya has always been great since it all started! I guess I will always be runner up lol but that's okay because at least I have progressed and that's all I can ask for :)
Tanya, congratulations! You totally deserve it, you beautiful girl.

Now, Natt... you're not the runner up in my eyes. You're definitely a number 1, too. You are gorgeous. Never stop believing in yourself. *hugs*