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Judging Comments

I come.. bearing judging comments for the masses! :D

Sorry about making my own post. The other one is kinda old so I was afraid they wouldn't find them there, and it's too long for one comment...

Oh, alphibetical order, here I come!

(These were written before elimination, and I didn't want them to lose their meaning, just in case Bee does want to participate next Cycle or something.)

You're so gorgeous. I just can't get enough of that face! If this competition were about sitting and looking glamourous, you'd probably be winning. Your photoshoots have always been a little bit campy, and I like it. It's different, which is something that can't be said to not be a great thing. However, due to this camp edge your theming has, your pictures sometimes come off as.. cheesy. Especially the one where you're tearing at your hair at the mess of clothes on the bed. It's amazing that you managed to stay so pretty making that kind of face, but it was a little.. too much, you know? Like you can almost be there, you can take it there, and you can be way past the mark, and that one.. I don't think you knew where the mark was, maybe? (It's sooo hard to make sense right now, so if I'm confusing you, I'm sorry!)

The first shot was extremely pretty, but didn't really say, "SLUMBER PARTY!" to me. The second one is one of the best theme-wise, but since the other girls all did a shot just like that.. it's a little bit overplayed you know? (Not your fault--I mean, in actuality, this is what we asked for. This was a great base to work from for the theme of the shoot.) The third one is so cute and bubbly! I feel like you were selling the pajamas to the camera.. albeit a bit.. hard. The advertisement was a little unsubtle. The next one down is a little.. scrunched? Not the picture but your body. The pose is a little too cramped. You notice how most models seem to be craning and arching and stretching themselves to the point of pain? That makes a better shot than something that's better for comfort. The one in the pink robe is the best, because it's so.. good. You look amazing, your eyes are amazing, the slight hint of a smile is amazing.. Just amazing. I feel like I was at your slumber party and you just got done sharing a juicy secret with me or something. The final one with the Bacardi is hilarious. THAT'S what I mean by your outstanding difference--none of the other girls took it to the 'naughty girl doing naughty things at a slumber party' level. However, the shot is almost exactly like one of the ones you did for the sexy secretary shoot.

We know you're sexy, but where's your edge? THAT is something I'd like to see!

Wow. From scenester to cute, bubbly and fun--what a personality switch! LOL. You weren't afraid to go for it this time around, and I like that. Your posing has always been rather good. You're not very awkward with yourself, and you just seem to go with the flow. Your smile is cute and fun, however, in the pictures that you're not smiling, your face falls a little flat. Those jumping shots have got to be some of the coolest things I've ever seen! These look professionally taken, since they're timed so well. The one in the center of the pajama ad.. It's like they caught you at the most beautiful part of your jump. I love it!

The first one, you know, is love. Those three shots together make for a great ad. (Very MSpaint chic. Love it. LOL.) In the second, I SWEAR you look like Natalie Portman. Your legs look so nice.. I just wish your hair hadn't gone and went weird on you. That would have been a perfect picture if it had done like the other jumping one. The ones with the Vixen theme.. Mm, like I said, your face fell a little flat in certain parts of it and your posing is good, but, it's almost there. The main shot of that ad is breathtaking, save for your eyes that look a little bit squinty. The last one.. seems thrown in at the last minute.

It's good to see a different side of the Melanie we know every once in a while.

You know I'm in love with you, right? Your progression from week to week is astounding. Last week we wanted edge, you gave it. This week we wanted bubbly and cute, you gave it. I think when you first posted up your application, I thought, "She's so pretty, those eyes are gorgeous.. But if she thinks she can't do anything with them, then chances are, she'll never be able to." You've proved me and yourself wrong!

I'm going to critique what I can. You gave us SO many pictures this time, LOL. And all were good. The first one, there's that Natt 50-watt smile. Soo endearing! And you look so mischievious like you just threw a pillow at the camera. The one with the magazine--legs for days, years, and a cute little booty, too! What I like most is the way you were holding your body. It looks natural. (We you arching your back at all? I don't know if you'd need to in that position if you lay like that normally.) The next one was cute, kinda like the camera threw your pillow back at you. LOL. The one after that is a little less dynamic, and the face is a little weak. The ones in the nighty are super cute. You look like a little girl at her best friend's slumber party. Even the blurry ones are soo pretty and fun! The last one is one of my favorites, too.

Keep up the good work. You've set the bar pretty high for yourself--I hope you can keep going up and up and up!

Tanya, the artistic model. :D Your smile is so magnetic. We hardly ever got to see it.. (have we even seen it at all before now?!) and it's a super treat that we've gotten to now! You just exude the vibe of slumberparty in these shots. Laughing giddy with your friends, gossiping, hanging out grappling your teddy bear as you watch a scary movie.. Those are the things I remember about childhood slumberparties, and you've evoked those emotions.

The candy stirpes are adorable, as are you in the first shot. That one is definately my favorite. The rest of them are just as gorgeous, just not as powerful. Your tummy is so cute in all of these! And your skin, once again, is beautiful.

It's funny, because I don't really have much else to say about your shots. You can only say "Good, great, wonderful," before it gets repetitive and loses it's meaning. (A good thing--I'm finding myself speechless at the sight of your photographs!) Keep up the good work!

Oh, and I just want to say: thanks for participating Bee! Your photoshoots have always been funny, campy, and innovative. It's sad to see you go. Hopefully you'll come back for another cycle? (You were one of my favorites from the beginning.) You progressed a lot through C6. We'll all miss you a lot!
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